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Jul 23

Why Teenagers do Stupid Things

Why Teenagers Do Stupid and Immature Things!

Teenagers act immature and impulsive because their brains are wired to be immature & impulsive. As teachers, why would you expect mature adult behavior from a brain that is not fully developed until age 25! Watch the following informative New York Times video for a detailed illustration of brain maturation. For further information on this topic, refer to the Anatomy section of this site.

New York Times


In case you get bored with the lazy days of summer and want to get a jump preparing for the coming school year, I added to Stuff4Educators a section called How to Study Better based on research from Harvard Medical School that highlights four science-backed ways towards better learning (Hint: drop the highlighter). Additionally, I posted a YouTube video under exercise from the Dana Foundation that won the Northwest Emmy award called Exercise and the Brain that explores the benefits of exercise on the brain and learning. Finally, some books that I have read this past year and found to be stimulating are listed.