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Sep 23

November 12 ADHD

November 2012 Monthly Ed Tip!


ADHD information added

For those seeking insights into & trying to understand ADHD, read a synopsis of a conference given by Ed Hallowell, one of the world’s leading ADHD experts, on the history of AD/HD in America or in the words of Lady Gaga “we were born this way" from her song Born This Way. In addition, a unique ADHD timeline has been added with President Lincoln wife and son included in the timeline.


Click on Hallowell/Lady Gaga & Timeline in the menu. Check it out and let me know what you think. I guarantee you will have an insightful, useful, but uncommon perceptive into ADHD after reading Ed Hallowell’s summary.


Have a great month!


Welcome back to another school year. I hope your summer was relaxing and invigorating and you are looking forward to the approaching school year and the opportunity to stimulate and challenge your students’ minds.

This summer I was able to study Sir Ken Robinson, a British author, speaker and international advisor on education to governments, non-profits, and education organizations

I, like many people, find his writings and Ted Talks not only witty and inspiring but also thought-provoking and challenging. Much of his work deals with the diversity of intelligence, the power of imagination and creativity, and the importance of commitment to our own capabilities. He posits that the noticeable lack of them in our schools negatively affect students’ learning and teachers’ productivity and the absence of them is triggered by the demands of standardized testing.

I hope you find Sir Ken Robinson’s words inspiriting and challenging as I do and be mindful of them as you plan for the new year. Here is to a great 2017-2018 school year!