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May 26

November 12 ADHD

November 2012 Monthly Ed Tip!


ADHD information added

For those seeking insights into & trying to understand ADHD, read a synopsis of a conference given by Ed Hallowell, one of the world’s leading ADHD experts, on the history of AD/HD in America or in the words of Lady Gaga “we were born this way" from her song Born This Way. In addition, a unique ADHD timeline has been added with President Lincoln wife and son included in the timeline.


Click on Hallowell/Lady Gaga & Timeline in the menu. Check it out and let me know what you think. I guarantee you will have an insightful, useful, but uncommon perceptive into ADHD after reading Ed Hallowell’s summary.


Have a great month!


Read April's Ed Tip to understand how using video game design principles will improve instruction.  Moreover, educators should not view video games as the enemy of education, but rather a model for best teaching practices. When educators design instructional strategies, they must keep in mind the principles of video games, namely achievable challenge, and the role of dopamine in education.