Educators educating Educators

Oct 09

Short-term Memory


Welcome to a new school year! I trust you had a wonderful summer and are invigorated and energized for an outstanding school year. As educators well know, a classroom of students can quickly consume vast amounts of energy and require endless patience, endurance, and fortitude.

To begin to solve American education problems and reestablish America as an education superpower, we do not need more of the same answers to the same problems; education needs to seek different solutions to our problems. We do not need more or improved curriculums, more student testing, more electronics in the classroom, increasing teacher salaries, smaller class size, or debate whether the socio-economic background of the student affects his learning.

In order to achieve this goal, this month’s Ed Tip discusses my proposed changes to Elementary and Secondary Education Act Reauthorization. It has been more than ten years since the passage of No Child Left Behind, the most recent reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

I know what I am recommending is immense, controversial, and costly. However, all concerned with the future of our education system, and indirectly with the future of our great country, must put aside their concerns for their individual selfdoms

I urge all get involved in the conversation by contacting your local House and Senate representative.

Have an outstanding first month of school.