Educators educating Educators

Nov 19

Factors of Behavior

“I love kids who challenge me. I love the kids who don’t get it, don’t get it, and then suddenly their whole face changes. My philosophy is any child can learn.”

Kim Muller

F.L. Walther School, Lumberton School District, NJ

2009 Presidential Award for Excellence Recipient


12 Factors Influencing Behavior in the Classroom

~ Student/teacher interaction (social/academic)


~ Developing & setting expectations


~ Motivational attributes


~ Providing a stable learning environment


~ Teaching style


~ Knowledge of Students’ Learning style


~ School & classroom culture


~ Classroom management


~ Metacognition & cognitive processes


~ Home environment & parental support


~ District demographics & policies


~ Developmental theory



There are two fundamental phenomena regarding memory that all educators should be quite attentive to as they directly affect memory and how well students remember information after initially presented.

By understanding these two essential factors affecting working memory detailed in November 2017 Ed Tip, educators will be able to drastically improve students’ retention of new information.