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Nov 24

Great Teachers Values



Great Teachers and 13 Classroom Values


Great Teachers

~ Make you feel special

~ Teach you how to learn

~ Inspire you with their passion

~ Engage your whole being

~ Keep you focused

~ Open you up to new experiences

~ Have no agenda

~ Give clear explanations

~ Show you how everything ties together

Can all of these traits be found in one teacher?

Tamim Ansary

13 Classroom Values

Below are thirteen values that might be displayed in various ways in a classroom. In your idea classroom, how would you rank them? Place a 1 next to the quality most in your classroom, a 2 next to the second most important, and so on through 13, which will represent the quality you value least.

After finishing, sit back and analysis your class today in relation to your numerical ratings of the 13 values. Do the values align with your practices in today’s class?

________ Orderliness

________ Freedom

________ Respect

________ Self-direction

________ Privacy

________ Quiet

________ Equality

________ Laughter

________ Love

________ Concentration

________ Fairness

________ Purposefulness

________ Creativity



There are two fundamental phenomena regarding memory that all educators should be quite attentive to as they directly affect memory and how well students remember information after initially presented.

By understanding these two essential factors affecting working memory detailed in November 2017 Ed Tip, educators will be able to drastically improve students’ retention of new information.