Educators educating Educators

Nov 24

In Summary

“Education is the foundation of a just society. Global competitiveness, scientific discoveries, and active citizenship all rest of this foundation. Education is the civil rights issue of our time. ” ~ Kathleen McCartney, Dean Harvard Graduate School of Education


Questions for all Educators. Will you…

Will you inspire a college dream that revolutionizes the way a student thinks?

Will you be a hero to children beginning their adventure through life?

Will you be the promise that transforms education across the globe?

Will you be a movement that demands justice and social equality?

Will you be the science that revolutionizes the way we learn?

Will you be the wisdom that brings calm to teenage years?

Will you be the pursuit of potential waiting to be realized?

Will you the first to recognize a leader of humankind?

Will you be the passion that rejects the status quo?

Will you be ray of hope for a forgotten community?

Will you be the spark that illuminates a mind?

How will your students remember you?

How will you impact your students?

How will you affect their future?



There are two fundamental phenomena regarding memory that all educators should be quite attentive to as they directly affect memory and how well students remember information after initially presented.

By understanding these two essential factors affecting working memory detailed in November 2017 Ed Tip, educators will be able to drastically improve students’ retention of new information.