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Feb 18


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Janauary 2018 Ed Tip

Children are often criticized for “not paying attention” by their parents and teachers, and surprisingly, the criticism is unjustified. It is a neuromyth that the brain is not paying attention, in fact, the brain is always paying attention to something. What is really meant when we falsely accuse our children of “not paying attention” is that the child or student is not paying attention to what we want them to pay attention to. The information might seem relevant and important to us, but isn’t to them.

January 2018: The importance of activating existing neural networks in the brain to improve students' memory



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For an discussion of current and helpful educational practices, insights, and topics, refer to the monthly Ed Tip!

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“If we can control the attention of the child, we solve the problems of education.” Maria Montessori

This month Ed Tip will examine how to improve students' learning by activating their attention.